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In 1908 Dr. Nathan Richardson began manufacturing his Bitters medicine which he called Dr. Richardson Bitters. Nathan's son Solon would fallow in his father's footsteps and would become a doctor and join in his father's practice. He would also join his father in the manufacturing of the Bitters medicine. Dr. Nathan Richardson would die in 1937. Dr. Solon Richardson would continue in the family practice and also in the manufacturing of the Bitters medicine. Eventually Solon would give up his Medical practice and concentrate on manufacturing of his medicines. Dr. Solon Richardson would relocate his business from Wakefield, New England to the corner of Crescent and Mechanic Street in South Reading, Mass. Here he would have a Philadelphia Glass House manufacture an eight sided rectangular bottle which he would market across the nation. The bottle was embossed S.O. / RICHARDSON // BITTERS // SOUTH / READING // MASS. Below are photos of this bottle.

s o 1.s o 2.s o 3.s o 4

The early bottles had an open pontil or an iron pontil. The later ones with a hinge mold base and then a smooth base. He would sell his Bitters for seventy five cents a bottle and it would contain ninety eight percent alcohol. Dr. Solon Richardson would pass away in August 31, 1873.

The Bitters was manufactured until the Food & Drug Law came in effect.


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Bitters bottle by Carlyn & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr.(Wicker) Bottle Collection.

s o a

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