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The history of commercial tobacco in the United States dates back to the 17th century. The production of tobacco was mainly for pipes and snuff. After the American Revolution War there was an increase in the demand for tobacco in the United States. The demand for cigars and chewing tobacco increased during the war of 1812. The Andalusian cigarette was introduced which was a finer tobacco for rolling cigarettes. By the American Civil War tobacco companies started making cigarettes.

Here is a brief timeline of the history of cigars in the United States from 1760 to 1911. In 1760 Pierre Lorillard opens a snuff mill in New York and expands to other tobacco products. By 1770 cigar making is catching on in major North American Ports. In 1830 254.000 pounds of cigar were imported to England alone. By 1860 the United States annual consumption of cigars is 26 per person a year ( base on est. of population per cigars produced. Also in 1860 there were 2000 cigar factories in the United States employing 25,000 workers with Baltimore, New York, Philadephia and Cincinnati being the top four cigar manufacturing cities. By 1890 there were more than 12,000 cigar manufacturing companies employing 150,000 workers. And Ten years later in 1900 there were 27366 factories. In 1911 statistical per person 78 cigars, 108 cigarettes, 1 3/4 pounds of pipe tobacco, 1/3 pound of snuff and 2 1/2 pounds of chewing tobacco used yearly per person.

The photos are from my son Frank Jr. collection of tobacco products and accessories that are related to tobacco.

cigar 18

This is a photo of a vintage pack of tobacco seeds. This was a giveaway from the Hirschy Bros. Berne, Ind. in 1910. The photos below are wood cigar boxes.

cigar box 1.cigar box 2

Deschler's Monogram - made by the Cigar Co. Manila Philippines. The second photo is the bottom showing the custom stamp. El Droducto -1 St. Dist. PA. Wood box.

cigar box 4

Deisel - Wemmer - Gilbert Spanish Style Factory Smokers -10th District Ohio. Wood box.

cigar box 5

Lady Wayne- Coony Bayer Cigar Co. Fort Wayne Ind. Wood box.

cigar box 6

John Ruskin - I Lewis Cigar Makers Manufacturing Co. Newark, NJ. Wood box.

cigar box 7

La Palina Senators Foil - Congress Cigar Co Inc. Philadelphia. Wood box.

cigar box 8

Charles Denby Cigars Invincibles - Evansville, Indiana. Wood box.

Below is a photo of several cigar wraps.

cigar wrap 1

Row 1 Sanfelice--Elroi-Tan -Ampere -- Perfeccion Girard Suprema -- La Palina-- Lady Wayne.

Row 2 Dona Vera - Sanches Grande - Gonzalez & Sanchez Co. Habana - Perfeccion Girard Suprema - La Palina Excellento - Lady Wayne.

Row 3 White Owl - White Owl - Owl Brand - Owl Brand - El Producto Habana - La Venga Habana.

Row 4 Bayuk Philadelphia Hand Made - Vincello - Dry Slitz - Charles Denby - Stan Wick - Flor Extra Fina Habana.

Row 5 Van Dyck - Univoco - Shab of Persia - Dutch Master - Dutch Master.

Row 6 Charmer - Hansel and Gretel - Cinco - (motif of Roman) - La Palina.

Row 7 Diders 18-50 Habana - El Satisfacto - Flor De Odin Havana - La Rieta.

Row 8 Robt Burns - Robt Burns - Moriel - Unknown - La Fendrich Habana.

Row 9 (motif of castle) - Garcia Grande Habana - Sanches Grande - Lincoln Highway - La Tunita.

Row 10 El Roi-Tan - El Verso Havana - La Fendrich Habana - Leovilla - Guesta Tampa Reys & Co.

Below is photos of two cigar cutters. The first one says Hescall April 14 1914. The second one says Buckwell & Co. Toledo, Ohio also says made in Germany.

cigar 15

Below are photos of a 5 cent cigar token.

cigar 16.cigar 17


Frank Jr. Tobacco Collection.

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