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Fire extinguisher bottles are very similar to fire grenades. They are both made out of glass and designed to extinguish fires. The difference is that you would throw the fire grenade into the fire, the glass would break and the liquid would extinguish the fire. With the bottle style you would dash or pour out the liquid or dry chemical onto the fire.
This fire bottle has one of the biggest crown caps that I have ever seen. There is a wire clamp hanger that you secure to the wall so when you grab the bottle, the hanger turns into the bottle opener. Then you dash the liquid into the base of the fire. The height of this bottle is 11 in. and color is amber. Its round with 12 flats with a crown cap top. The label wraps around three quarters of the bottle. The bottle is ABM and has the trademark of a H (inside a diamond) embossed on the base. Bottle is from the A. H. Heisey Glass Co. Oakwood Ave. Newark OH. These bottles are quite rare with the cap and label still in tacked.
Label reads PRONTO /FIRE EXTINGUISHER / TO USE / Pull from bracket./ Dash contents / into base of fire. / THE ALLEN CORPORATION / NEW YORK / Design Patents Pending / U. S. and Foreign Patents Pending / Copyrighted 1919, by The Allen Corporation, New York. STOPS / FIRE / QUICK. Both sides of the label has directions how to use and the other side has directions were to use.

Frank and Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

pronto a

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