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The first listing of Poor Man's Family Bitters was in the Geneva Gazette October 20, 1871. The first Poor Man's bottle was a 9 5/8 inches tall, aqua in color and is listed as rare. Darwin M. Mead would acquire Poor Man's Family Bitters. He was the owner of the Meads Drug Store from Oswego, New York. The label would read manufactured by Mead. Throughout the 1880s Darwin Mead would have Traveling Medicine Shows in the Midwestern Cites to promote their product.

In 1918 George Bush who operated the Bush Pharmacy which was located at 213 W. First St. Oswego, New York purchased the Poor Man's operation from the Mead's. Proprietor Donald H. Burnside would also become associated with the Bush Company. The company would stop making Poor Man's Bitters in the 1930s.

Below is a photo of there 6 3/8 inch tall bottle. Also a photo of a label.


In 1975 a reproduction of the Poor Man's Family Bitters bottle was produced for the 10th Anniversary for the Eastern Shore Bottle Club of America. This bottle was blown from a hundred year old mold . ABM in a teal blue color.


Bitters Bottles by Caryln Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

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