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Through the 1870s the A. L. Scovill & Co. were the proprietors of Dr. Warrens Tonic Cordial. Here is a little about Amon L. Scovill. He started out as a druggist with the F. D. Hill & Co. around 1849. By 1853 he had started his own company. The business was called A. L. Scovill & Co. manufacturers of patent medicines. O. R. Baker worked with him at that time. The business was located at 179 W. 4th and 60 W. 3rd Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. He would also start a New York branch around the same time. Initially it was located at 65 Warren Street and was listed on Broadway Street in 1855.

In 1856 until 1865 the business was located at 12 W. 8th Street in Cincinnati. In 1859 and in 1861 Abel D. Breed was listed as a part of the A. L. Scovill & Co. and in 1865 through 1867 Abel D. Breed was listed as sole proprietor of the Scovill & Co. in Cincinnati.

It's thought that Amon Scovill at the age of 36 had return to Bridge Water, New York to resume a practice in medicine. In 1874 the Henry, Corran & Co. would take over the Scovill business. In 1875 John F. Henry, Corran & Co. would run a full page ad in their catalog for Scovill's preparations. Amon L. Scovill would be connected with the business at least until 1877. In 1878 the directories only list a home address.

Here is some conflicting information about Amon L. Scovill. He formed a partnership with Henry E. Morrill in 1848 to market Dr. Roger's compound Syrup of Liver Wort, Tar & Canchalagua. By 1857 the firm manufactured many of their medicines including D. Wm. Hall Balsum for the Lungs, Scovill's Compound Extract of Sarsaparrilla and Stillingia and Circassian Hair Restoration. He left the company for a while and return in 1867.

For many years the A. L. Scovill & Co. would have a Farmers & Mechanics calendar and almanacs published.

scoville ad 3

Above is an ad for Scovill's. Syrup

There are two variants of this bottle. Below is a DR. WARREN'S // TONIC CORDIAL // CINCINNATI, O & N. Y. The other variant is embossed DR. WARREN's // TONIC CORDIAL // CINCINNATI, O.

dr warren 1.dr warren 2.dr warren 3

dr warren stamp

Above is a Revenue Stamp Proprietary 19th century.


Cincinnati, Ohio City Directories.

Dr. Cannon Medicine Chest Articles. Bob Hohertz.

Frank & Frank Jr.(Wicker) Bottle Collection.

dr warren a ..dr warren b

dr warren c

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