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Demas Barnes was born on April 4 1827 in Gorham Township, Ontario County. By 1849 he would move to New York City and engaged in a drug business the same year with Charles Henry Fletcher of Castoria fame. They would also become wholesalers and distributors of proprietary medicines. The first private die stamp used by Demas Barnes was issued in March of 1863. Below is a list of the medicine patents he bought from various developers. According to his die stamps he was the proprietor of Drake's Plantation Bitters-Drake's Catawba Bitters- Lyon's Magnetic Power-Lyon's Kathairon- Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla-Mexican Mustang Liniment-Heimstreet's Hair Coloring-Hagan's Magnolia Balm-Royce and Esterlys Dentrifice-Wynkoops Pectoral-Prickly Plasters. All before 1863.

demas barnes

Below is a list of medicines which his company were the major distributors for. Attwood's Quinine Tonic Bitters- Roback's Stomach Bitters- Roback's Blood Pills-Roback's Blood Purifer-Smolander's Compound Fluid Extract of Buchu-Constitutional Catarrh Remedy-Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Restorer. These are just what we know of.

By 1867 Demas Barnes would run for congress and would become a U.S. Congressman. He served from March 4 1867 to March 3 1869 as a democrat. He would also become the trustee of the Brooklyn Bridge and the director of Long Island Railroad. He also establish and edited the Brooklyn Argus in 1873. Demas Barnes would die on May 1 1888 at the age of 61.

John F. Henry & Co. would take over as successor of the Demas Barnes & Company in 1868.

Patrick Henry Drake and Demas Barnes formed a partnership in 1862. They manufactured and marketed the Drake's Plantation Bitters. In 1867 the sale of Drake's Plantation Bitters was transferred to P. H. Drake & Company.

In 1871 the Lyon's manufacturing Company took over the marketing of various medicines.

References: Bob Hohertz.

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