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According to an advertisement from the Dester Evening Newspaper from April 29 1902 the manufacturer was the Lightning Medicine Company. This company was located at 147 Third Ave. Rock Island, Ill. Another advertisement from the Scott County Kitchen Newspaper from Benton, Mo. October 7 1905 saying that it's from the Mull Grape Tonic Company located at 147 Third Ave. Rock Island, Ill. Apparently there was a name change with the company. There are three different sizes of these bottles that I know of. Below is a photo of the flask style. It is embossed MULL'S GRAPE TONIC // ROCK ISLAND, ILL. along with a photo of the label.

mulls grape tonic.mull label

One other variant is a ½ pint unembossed label only druggist style bottle. Below is a photo of the label along with the third variant which is 7 5/8 tall, almost square large size bottle.

mull label 2.............mull grape tonic sqBoth photos courtey of ebay.

mull ad

Above is an advertisement from 1905. The ad says that Mull's Grape Tonic is a crushed fruit tonic laxative that cures constipation.


Dester Evening Newspaper April 29, 1902.

Scott County Kitchen Newspaper Benton, Mo. October 7, 1905.

Richhill Tribune Richhill, Mo. October 19. 1905.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

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