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This Hex Vom Dasenstein German wine bottle was given to my mother in the early 1950s from her mother and my mother recently gave the bottle to me. This green wine bottle is embossed with a witch holding a broom while riding a goat. The embossing has been painted in red and grey colors. Below are photos of this bottle from the early 1950s and a brand new bottle from 2012.

hex 1.hex 2.hex 3 From the early 1950s

german wine bottle Brand new from 2012

hex logo

Above is the Hex Vom Dasenstein logo.

The name Hex vom Dasenstein means the witch of Dasenstein in German. The name comes from a local story about the daughter of the town's nobleman. In 1356AD, she had an affair with a commoner from the village of Kappelrodeck. When her father found out, he kicked her out of the castle. The daughter spent the rest of her life living in a cave in the side of a gigantic rock (the Dasenstein) that sits in the middle of one of the vineyards. As the woman grew older, her nose grew longer, her face became very wrinkled and the locals called her the Hex vom Dasenstein.

Kappelrodeck is 25 mile south of Offenburg, Germany. This town is known though out Germany for it red wines. Below is a landscape of Kappelrodeck, Germany.

hex landscape

The Hornisgrinde is the highest mountain in the Northern Black Forest. It's located at Kappelrodeck, Germany near the area of Baden. This is where the full bodied wine Hex Vom Dasenstein is produced. The grape vines grow up the steep slopes of the Acher Valley around Kapperodeck. Here is where Germany's most prize winning full bodied red wine vineyards come from.

The Winzerkeller Hex Vom Dasenstein is still producing wines today. Their website is


Vinarium Wine and Winery.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle collection.

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