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Below is a complete list of all of the fruit jar manufacturers.

Acme Adams & Company, Pittsburgh, PA.

Ball Brothers Glass Mfg. Co., Muncie, IN.

Beaver Boyd Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, NY.

Brushwick Glass Company, Brooklyn, NY.

A. & D. H. Chambers Company, Pittsburgh, PA.

Clyde Glass Works, Clyde, NY.

Consolidated Fruit Jar Co., New Brunswick, NJ.

Co-operative Flint Glass Co., Ltd., Beaver Falls, PA.

Corning Glass Works Crowleytown's Atlantic Glass Works, Crowleytown, NJ.

Crystal Glass Co., Bridgeport, OH.

Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co, Bridgeton, NJ.

D. Cunningham Glass Co., Pittsburg, PA.

Decker's Iowana, Mason City, IA.

Edward H. Everett, Newark, OH.

Flaccus Bros. C. L. Flaccus Glass Company, Pittsburg, PA.

A M Foster Co., Chicago, IL.

Fowlers Gayner Glass Works, Salem, NJ.

S. George Co., Wellsburg, WV.

Gilchrist Improved Jar Co., Philadelphia, PA & Elmer, NJ.

Glass Containers Corp., Fullerton, CA.

(Golden Harvest) W. Glenny Glass Co., Cincinnati, OH.

Greenfield Fruit Jar & Bottle Co., Greenfield, IN.

Hamilton Hawley Glass Company, Hawley, PA.

Hazel Glass, Washington, PA Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., Wheeling, WV, & Washington, PA.

Hemingray, Cincinnati, OH. Hemingway Glass Co., Covington, KY.

Hero Fruit Jar Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Hero Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA.

Hermetic Fruit Jar Company, Portland, OR.

Hermetical Closure Co., San Francisco, CA.

Louis Hollweg, Indianapolis, IN.

Illinois Glass Co., Alton, IL.

Illinois Pacific Glass Company Kearns-Gorsuch Bottle Co., Zanesville, OH.

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Company, Sand Springs, OK.

Keystone Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA.

Knowlton Knox Glass Bottle Co., Knox, PA.

Lamb Glass Co., Vernon, OH.

J. A. Landsberger Co., San Francisco, CA.

Lynchburg Glass Corp., Lyndeboro Glass, Lyndeboro, NH.

W. W. Lyman Mannington Glass, Mannington, WV.

Marion Fruit Jar & Bottle Co., Marion, IN.

Millville Mission Mason Mom's Monarch Moore Brothers Glass Co., Clayton, NJ.

Mountain Mason, Midvale, UT.

National Glass Co., Pittsburg, PA Ohio.

Container Co., Columbus, OH.

(Mom's) Ohio Valley Glass Company Owens-Illinois Glass Co. - Toledo, OH (Presto) & San Francisco, CA.

Pacific Glass Works F. H. Palmer, Brooklyn, NY.

Penna Glass Co., Anderson, IN.

Port Glass Works, Bellville, IL.

Poughkeepsie Glass Works, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Presto Putnam, Bennington, VT.

Putnam Glass Works, Zanesville, OH.

Red Key Glass Co., Red Key, IN Root Glass Company, Terre Haute, IN.

Safe Glass Co., Upland, IN & Chicago, IL.

San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works Schram Glass Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MO.

Simplex Skillin-Goodin Glass Co., Yorktown, IN.

A. G. Smalley & Co., Boston Smalley-Kilvan-Onthank, Boston J. P. Smith, Pittsburg, PA.

Sneath Glass Co., Hartford City, IN.

Swayzee Glass Co., Swayzee, IN.

Terre Haute Glass Mfg. Co., Terre Haute, I.

Thames Glass Works Company, New London, CT.

Upland Cooperative Glass Co., Upland, IN.

Vacuum Jar & Fruit Package Co., San Francisco, CA.

Victor Jar Co., Detroit, MI.

Weightman Glass Co., Pittsburg, PA.

Wellsburgh Glass and Mfg., Wellsburgh, WV.

Western Flint Glass Co., Eaton, IN.

Weston Glass Co., Weston, WV.

Whitall Tatum Whitney Glass Works, Glassboro, NJ.

Woodbury Bottle Works, Woodbury, NJ.

Wormser Glass Co., Pittsburg, PA.

R. G. Wright & Co., Buffalo, NY.

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