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Listed below are just some of the products that were needed to preserve food when using fruit jars for canning. You had rubber sealing rings for glass and metal lids, strips of wax for sealing wax sealer jars, wax sealer tin lids and zinc caps. There were many different companies that produced these products. Part 1 will consist of a few of the fruit jar rubber seals and their boxes. I sure you could gather quite a collection of just these items. Below are photos of these items.

rubber ring 51

rubber ring 1.rubber ring 2.rubber ring 3

rubber ring 4.rubber ring 5.rubber ring 6

rubber ring 7.rubber ring 8.rubber rng 9

rubber ring 10.rubbe ring 13.rubber ring 48

rubber ring 14.rubber ring 16.rubber ring 17

rubber ring 18.rubber ring 19.rubber ring 20

rubber ring 21.rubber ring 22.rubber ring 25

rubber ring 26.rubber ring 27.rubber ring 28

rubber ring 29.rubber ring 30.rubber ring 40

rubber ring 41.rubber ring 42.rubber ring 43

rubber ring 45.rubber ring 46.rubber ring 47

rubber ring 50.irg rings

rubber ring 60.rubber ring 61.rubber ring 62

.rubber ring 65.rubber ring 66.rubber ring 151

rubber ring 67.rubber ring 68.rubber ring 64

rubber ring 70.rubber ring 71.rubber ring 72

rubber ring 73.rubber ring 74.rubber ring 75

rubber ring 76.rubber ring 78.rubber ring 80

rubber ring 81.rubber ring 83.rubber ring 84

rubber ring 85.rubber ring 86.rubber ring 88

rubber ring 89.rubber ring 90.rubber rings 109

rubber ring 107.rubber rings 106.rubbber rings 105

rubber rings 103.rubber rings 102.rubber rings 101

rubber rings 100.rubber rings 110.rubber rings 108

rubber rings 111.rubbe ring 120.rubber ring 121

rubber ring 122.rubber ring 123.rubber ring 126

rubber ring 125.rubber ring127.rubber seal 131

rubber ring 132.rubber ring 134.rubber ring 135

rubber ring 136.rubber ring 137.rubber ring 138

rubber ring 139.rubber ring 150.rubber ring 150.1

rubber ring 141.rubber ring 142.rubber ring 143

rubber ring 144.rubber ring 145.rubber ring 146

rubber ring 147.rubber ring 148.rubber ring 149

rubber ring 156.rubber ring 162.rubber ring 153

rubber ring 161.rubber ring 155.rubber ring 157

rubber ring 158.rubber ring 159.rubber ring 160

rubber ring 163.rubber ring 173.rubber ring 174

rubber ring 175.rubber ring 176.rubber ring 177

rubber ring 178.rubber ring 179.rubber ring 180

rubber ring 172.rubber ring 211.rubber ring 212

rubber ring 214.rubber ring 215.rubber ring 218

rubber ring 220.rubber ring 222.rubber ring 224

rubber ring 225.rubber ring 226.rubber ring 227

rubber ring 228.rubber ring 230.rubber ring 233

rubber ring 234.rubber ring 235.rubber ring 236

rubber ring 237.rubber ring 239.rubber ring 240

rubber ring 241.rubber ring 281.rubber ring 312

rubber ring 333.ruber ring 305.rubber ring 306


Some pictures courtesy of ebay.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Fruit Jar Collection.

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