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perrine letterhead 2

M & JS Perrine Co. were the sole proprietors of a whiskey wholesale distributing business. Jonathan S. Perrine was born on August 27 1834. In the beginning the business was located at 37 North Street in Philadelphia, Pa. The business started in 1871 and remained at this location until 1903. In 1894 M. Perrine was no longer listed in the Philadelphia City Directory. The business name now is J. S. Perrine's & Son and by 1900 was changed to J. S. Perrine & Sons. The business remained in business until 1918. From 1904 to 1918 the business was located at 62 North Street. below is a photo of their early business. Jonathan Perrine died in Philadelphia on January 15 1902.

perrines liquor business

This company used many brand names for their products. Below are photos of their fancy square cabin style bottle with roped corners. It's believed that this bottle was produced between 1880 to 1890. The embossing reads PERRINE'S / APPLE / GINGER / PHILA. // PERRINE'S / (motif of apple ) / GINGER.

perrine 1.perrine 2.perrine 3

Below is a photo of PERRINE'S PURE BARLEY MALT WHISKEY and a trade card for this product.

perrine malt...perrine card

Below is a label.

perrines label

The trade card claims that it's an "A Specific for Malaria Indigestion Debility". This business was just like many other businesses that capitalized on the quack whiskey laced medical remedies.

perrine ad 1
Above is a add for the J. S. Perrines & Son.

The other brand names this company used were Chemically Pure, Palace Club, Palace Gin, Palace Rye, Pelican Gin Triple Flavor.


Philadelphia City Directories 1871 - 1918. Bottles, Booze and Backstories by Jack Sullivan May 25, 2012.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection

perrines a..perrines b

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