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T. M. Lash & John J. Spieker were partners in the "Lash Kidney & Liver Bitters Company.

( From article 56 ) In 1884 John J Spieker would form a new partnership with pharmacist Tito M. Lash. They would call the company T.M. Lash & Co. They would start manufacturing Lash's Kidney & Liver Bitters. Along with Homer's Kidney & Liver Cure, Lash's Magic Liniment, Lash's Wild Cherry Tonic, Lash's Honey of Horehound & Tar and Lash Root Beer.

Tito was in charge of finding new clients and John was the manager of the medical products and treasure. In 1889 Tito would find accounting problems in the company books which lead to the partnership to be terminated. Around ten day later John would buy out his former partner Tito along with the rights to the products.

On October 31 1889 T. M. Lash and his wife Jennie Lash would transfer to J.J. Spieker the trademark of "Lash's Kidney & Liver Bitters" and all rights to the product.

In July 1890 T. M. Lash commenced to manufacture a similar product to "Lash Kidney & Liver Bitters" which he called Dr. Web's Liver and Kidney Bitters. Shortly after he formed a partnership with his wife Jennie and formed the T. M. Lash & Co.

The T. M. Lash & Co. was located at 923 K Street in Sacramento, Cal. J. J. Spieker would take T. M. Lash to court in march 28 1894 for several trade mark violations.

T. M. Lash lawyer stated "in the opinion that the name of " "Lash,s Kidney & Liver Bitters" " is not indicative of origin or ownership. But is descriptive of the composition and properties as a trademark".

The judge ruled in favor of J. J. Spieker. T. M. Lash would appeal this verdict but the Superior Court of Sacramento County would deny a new trial.

The court found that the "defendant T. M. Lash began manufacturing and selling of Web's Bitters with the intent to injure the plaintiff J. J. Spieker's business and to detract from the reputation of Lash's Kidney & Liver Bitters".

Below are photos of a WEB'S A NO 1 CATHARTIC TONIC // THE BEST LIVER & KIDNET & BLOOD PURIFIER. Along with a label from the T. M. Lash MFR.

web tonic 1.web tonic 2.webs label

Below is a letter head bill sheet for HVS Asparagus Bitters & Webs A No. 1 Tonic.

webs letter head


Report of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the California Supreme Court by Bancroft & Whitney.- The Pacific Reporter Vol. 36.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

web 1 a..web 1 b

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