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When you think about Lincoln, I pretty sure most people think of Abraham Lincoln the sixteenth president of the United State; The commander and chief of the Union Army or the man that freed the slaves; The man that is on the 1 cent penny and five dollar bill. Just might be the city you live in. The street you live on or the monument you visit while your in Washington, DC. How about a remedy for the relief of your indigestion, sour stomach or loss of appetite. Yes, that would be the case if you would have purchased a bottle of Lincoln Bitters in the 1920s.

The Lincoln Bitters Company was located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This company was able to acquire a U. S. Patent and copyright for their product in 1920. In November 1920 issue of The Druggist Circular. The Company Lincoln Proprietary Co. of Manufacturers & Proprietors was listed. The color of the label is black, red and white. With an older white hair man holding a bottle of Lincoln Bitters in one hand a shot glass in the other with a picture of Abraham Lincoln in the background.

This Lincoln Bitters bottle is a variant of L-94L which is listed in the Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W.C. Ham. This particular bottle has the label wrapping completely around all four sides of this rectangular clear bottle. Instead of three sides which is listed. Also is embossed with the words BLUE RIBBON on the bottom of the bottle. This bottle has a triple collared mouth and is abm machine bottle. The bottle itself was made by the Standard Glass co. in Marion, Indiana. This company started producing bottles in 1908.

The front label on the bottle reads The Old and Famous Lincoln Bitters. Just Like Grandpa Used To Use Them. A century old tonic and herb compound. Alcohol 9%. The left side reads. Lincoln Bitters is a compound of time-tested Medical Herbs, Roots and bark. European Century Gentian Nettle Quassia St. Johnswort Buckthorn Bark Aloes Sweet Anise Burdock Root Oak Bark and others. Distilled water Pure Cane Sugar Alcohol 9%. For Preservation Purposes Only. These are combined in just the proportion to secure the greatest tonic powers.

The right side of the label reads. Lincoln bitters has wonderful tonic and alterative properties, for it is scientifically just the right combination of herbs as used by the Indians in their medicines. And later by our great grandparents as standard household remedies. DOSE FOR ADULTS. One tablespoonful morning and at bedtime. FOR CHILDREN. A teaspoonful morning and at bedtime. NOTE Shake Well Before Using. Increase or decrease the dose as required.

The back of the label has the dose directions in French, Spanish and German. Lincoln Bitters Co. Fort Wayne, Indiana Copyright 1920 Lincoln Bitters Company. Patented U.S. Patent Office and Foreign Countries. The front of the box is very close to the graphics of the bottle with net weight 16 ounces. Price per bottle $1.50.

The left of the box reads. Combined in just the right proportion in each bottle of Lincoln Bitters. Every ingredient has a direct and positive action. Lincoln Bitters is a great blood purifier and tonic. It is invaluable in the relief of indigestion and sour stomach and in cases of loss of appetite. It tones the stomach, liver and bowels, creates appetite, aids digestion and eliminates toxic poisons. Children bothered with stomach or pinworms and adults with tape worms are quickly benefited by LINCOLN BITTERS.

The right side of the box reads. Stomach, Liver and Bowels. LINCOLN BITTERS is an herb medicine which stimulates digestion, regulates the liver and acts as a mild laxative. The non-poisonous herbs acting as a food, takes the place of vegetables and enrich the blood with substances necessary for the maintenance of health. The regular use of LINCOLN BITTERS in accordance with the directions is very beneficial in restoring health by correcting functional disturbances in the organs of nutrition and elimination. LINCOLN BITTERS has a great reputation as a household remedy. The herbs, roots and bark used in its composition have been known since the days of the Indians for their valuable medicinal properties. The back of the box is repeating what's on the back of the bottle.

The new information below is from the AB&GC Magazine Oct. 2016. The copy of the invioce is part of the James Schmidt Collection.

In the late 1890s The Fort Wayne Drug Company introduced "Lincoln Tea" which was for the kidneys and liver. Also it was used for constipation and a aid in purifying blood along with making th bowels move.

Another product the company produced was Lincoln Sexual Pills.

lincoln bitters bill sheet 2
lincoln bitters bill sheet 1

Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham copyright 1998.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection

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