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Made by Nimmons & Covert from Bluffton Indiana. Wm.H. Covert was born in June 29 1841 in Bluffton, Indiana in June 29 1841 at the old Covert Home. He was a member of the 47th Indiana and later with the 130th Indiana in which he was a first Lieutenant. Later emerging from service with the rank of Captain. He was a Gun Smith and also the inventor of the Modoc Bitters that bears he name. He also engaged in the manufacturing. He would move to Denver Col. in 1884 to do electrical work. Then he would follow the gold rush and move three miles from Cripple Creek. This is were he owned five gold claims and was mining them. He would die in Nov. 26 1901. His body was brought back to Denver to rest.

Below are photos of the COVERTS // MODOC // STOMACH BITTERS Listed as being rare. The color is a orange amber and the shape being a square. The height is 8 ¾ in.

covert 1.covert 2. covert 3

Below is a trade card for this product.

covert ad 1

covert ads 2

Its thought that there could also be a Princeton, Indiana conection. But all the trade cards that i seen just say Bluffton, Indiana.


Wells County Library, His Obituary
from the Bluffton Newspaper.

Bitters Bottles & Bitters Bottles Subletment by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collectin.

coverts a.coverts b

coverts c

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