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There are four variants of these bottles. The photos of the bottle below is embossed DR./ HARDY MANLY // GENUINE // JAUNDICE / BITTERS // BANGOR ME. This bottle is eight sided rectangle with a large rough open pontil and is 7 inches tall. This bottle was made with and without a pontil.

manly 1.manly 2.manly 3.manly 4

manly 5

There is also a 6 ¼ inch bottle with the same embossing above but only in a pontil version. The third variant is embossed DR. MANLY HARDY'S // GENUINE // JAUNDICE BITTERS // BANGOR, ME. This size is 6 ¼ inches tall and has an open pontil or a smooth base..

The forth variant is embossed DR MANLY HARDY'S // BOSTON // JAUDICE / BITTERS //MASS. This bottle is most likely the newest of them all. Not sure about the Boston, Mass. connection.

dr manly hardy 6.dr manly hardy 7.dr manly hardy 8.dr manly hardy 9

dr manly hardy 10

There is two other medicine bottles that might have a Dr. Manly Hardy connection. Wm. G. Hardy Cholera Preventive Bangor, Maine. This bottle is 4 3/8 inches tall and has an open pontil. The other bottle is embossed Hardy's Liniment E. A. Buck Prop. Bangor, Maine.

I could not find any information about a Dr. Manly Hardy from Bangor Maine. There was a Manly Hardy from the time period from Bangor. He was a fur-dealer, but his soul was that of a naturalist. He traveled the waterways of northern Maine, learning canoeing and trapping from his Native American friends, and shared that knowledge with his daughter, Fannie, in later years, when she accompanied him on several trips. They both kept diaries of the adventures and used those experiences as a basis for later writing. Manly was a reluctant writer, but the articles that he wrote about hunting, trapping, and Maine's natural environment for such publications as Forest and Stream were well received and enjoyed by many. Below is a photo of Manly Hardy.
hardy pic

Just speculation but it could be possible that Wm. G. Hardy from Bangor Maine who made the Cholera Proventive medicine or E . A. Buck Proprietor of Hardy's Liniment who was also from Bangor, Maine used the name Manly Hardy to capitalize from Manly's fame to sell this Bitters.


Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Fogler Library, The Manly Hardy Collection by Betsy Paradis 1985.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

manly a

dr manly hardy 6a.

dr manly hardy 5a

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