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The label reads, The National Bitters Compounded Dr. J. H. Kurtz, Walton & Zug, Proprietors. The Walton & Co was located at 9 North 7th Street Philadelphia, Pa. These ears of corn bitters bottles are around 12 5/8 inches tall. They come in the color of amber which are common. They also come in the colors shades of yellows, puce, aqua and tints of green. These colors range from very scarce to rare. These are quite collectable with advance bitters bottle collectors trying to achieve color runs.

These bottles were made from 1867 to 1875. The design patent number is No 2816 and was done by Henry Schlichter and H. A. Zug in October 22 1867.

Below are photos of the NATIONAL BITTERS // PATENT 67 (on base).

national corn a..national corn b

Ferdinand Meyer from has found some new information about this bottle. A labeled example he found up for auction from (auction 10) label reads that it is from the Schlichter & Zug Proprietors 9 North 7th Street Philadelphia. This is the same name the design patent says. My guess and just speculation is since the bottle was produced between 1867 to 1875 that Schilchter & Zug are the earlest with Dr J. H. Kurtz, Walton & Zug being in the middle and Walton & Co being closer to the end of production.

national corn label

national bitters card. Courtesy of PRG.


Bitters Bottle by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

national corn c

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