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There are two different triangular bottles embossed The Great Tonic Dr. Caldwell's Herb Bitters. One side of the bottle has a lattice side panel with 16 squares or 24 squares. The one with 16 square lattice was thought to be without (Dr.) embossed on the bottle and the one with 24 square lattice with ( Dr.) embossed on it. But the photos below of my bottle which is a 16 square lattice style has ( Dr. ) embossed on it. There are two company's know for these bottles. One of the company's was the L. A Marshall & Co. This company was a wholesale dealer in foreign and domestic wines, liquors and cigars. They were located on Main Street Goshen, Indiana. The advertisement below says manufacturers of Caldwell's Herb Bitters. This ad was placed in the 1867 Gazetteer of the St. Joseph Valley : Michigan and Indiana.

caldwells lattice 16..caldwells 24 lattice A 16 and 24 square lattice side panel. This 24 square lattice bottle does not have ( Dr. ) embossed on it.

dr caldwells ad

The 16 and 24 square lattice bottles could also be from the Blattenberger & Company, Manufacture and Proprietor of Dr. Caldwell's Herb Bitters. This Company was located at 106 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. Below is a trade card from 1880s advertising this product.

dr caldwells tradecard

This company is also listed in the 1881 Internal Revenue Record Journal. There is also a labeled bottle that states Dr. Caldwell's Herb Bitters Manufactured by Lawrence & Co. 204 Second Street, Harrisburg, Pa.

Below are photos of the 16 square lattice bottle. It is embossed The Great Tonic / Dr. Caldwell's / Herb Bitters. This is bottleis 12 3/4 inches tall. The color is amber and is common. These bottles come with or without a iron pontil. I have seen a yellow green color before which is quite rare.

dr caldwells 1.dr caldwells 2.dr caldwells 3

The tappered lip appears to be older then the tapper with ring lip. According to the ads the bottles with out (Dr. ) embossed on them are from Goshen, Indiana.

It's just a guess but I would say the Marshall & Co. bottles are the oldest. With both Indiana and Pennsylvania company's useing both 16 and 24 square lattice bottles.


1867 Gazetteer of the St. Joseph Valley: Michigan and Indiana by Timothy Gilaman Turner.

1881 Internal Revenue Record Journal.

Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

dr caldwells a..dr caldwells b

dr caldwells c

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