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J. H. Schroeder was a dealer in wines and liquors in Louisville, Kentucky. He started sometime in the 1850s. There is a Louisville business advertising mirror from 1858-1859.

schroder sign

He is also listed in the 1864 Louisville Directory as Schroeder and Son located at Wall Street. Between the years 1860 to 1864 Louisville did not publish any City Directories because of the Civil War. Sometime in 1867 the business would move to 125 W. Main Street until 1875. Then the business would move to 44 4th Street until 1879. From 1880 - 1881 the firm now would be located at 79 4th Market Street. 1881 was the last year the business is listed in the Louisville Directory.

Below is just one of the many different lady leg bottles from this company. It is embossed SCHROEDER'S / BITTERS / LOUISVILLE, KY. The base is marked SB&G.CO.

schroeder 1.schroeder 2

schroeder 3

Another variant.

schroders bitter large 1

schroeder's bitters large 2.schroeder's bitters large 3

There were many of Schroeder's bottle recovered from the ship wreck Bertrand. For more about this ship wreck refer to search for Bertrand.

Some of these Schroeder Bottle had no base markings. These bottles are thought to be from the Kentucky Glassworks Company. The marking from this company was KYGW or KYGWCO. from 1849 to 1855. Bottles with the KH&G base marking are from the Kearns, Herdman & Gorsuch from Zanesville, Ohio 1876-1884. The base marking of SB&GCO are from the Streator Bottle & Glass Co. Streator, Ill 1881-1884.

The RingHam Book lists 3 full pages of Schroeder's Bitters bottles. If my math is correct you can achieve quite a collection of these bottles. There are 23 different bottles including different sizes that you can collect. Three of these bottles have Louisville and Cincinnati both embossed on them.

Below is an artist's reconstruction of a label.

schroeder ad

There is a Schroeder's Bitters from Henry h. Shufeldt & Co. Peoria,Ill in a lady leg shape. Also a Schroeder's German Bitters from Baltimore, Md. and a Schroeder's Iron Tonic Bitters (patent 1884).


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schroeder a.schroeder's bitters large 1a.

lot of 2 schroders bitters 1a

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