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There is not a lot of information that I could find about J. P. Barstow. He was the owner of the J. P. Barstow Fruit Jar Company which he started in New Jersey in 1890.

The clamp says Monier's Pat. April 1 90. Mar 12 95 or some say Monier's Pat. Apr 1 1890.

Below is a ad.

sun fruit jar ad
The add above say the address is 74 wall Street New York City.

Fredrich C. Monier filed for a jar cover fastening patent on Jan 6, 1890. On April 1 1890 the patent was granted.

monier patent 1

On March 12, 1885 Fredrich C. Monier was granted another patent for a jar cover fastening. This closure was assigned to the Barstow Fruit Jar Co. from New Jersey. This was the closure that was used on the Sun Fruit jar.

monier patent 2

Jacob P. Barstow from Brooklyn, New York was granted a Trade Mark for the word "Sun" for fruit jars. Its appears the jar Company known as the Barstow Fruit Jar Company was from New Jersey with an office in New York City.

The Barstow Fruit Jar Company dissolved on March 24, 1899. On Feb 16 1899 the new company Sun Fruit Jar Company was incorporated and was listed in the New York City Directory. The company was located at 74 Wall Street New York City. The last listing for the Sun fruit Jar Company was in 1902.

Below are photos of a one quart size jar. It is embossed SUN (in a circle with radiating lines) TRADE MARK. The base is embossed J. P. Barstow.

sun jar 1

sun jar 2.sun jar lid

There is also a pint size of the same jar. There also is a one quart jar with no circle around the jar.


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sun jar a

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