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Moses Atwood would grant his brother Levi F. Atwood the rights to produce and sell his Atwood Bitters in certain areas mainly in the state of Maine. At some point Levi F. Atwood would sell the rights to H. H. Hay from Portland Maine.

H. H. Hay would purchase the John Williamson Pharmacist building in Portland, Maine. The company was called the H. H. Hay Drug Store locate in Congress Square at the intersection of Free and Congress Street. Later the address was changed to J. Junction Free and Middle Street. He advertised in pure wines and liquors for medicinal and mechanical uses.

Below is a photo of the H. H. Hay Drug Store.

h h hay drug store

Below are photos of this bottle embossed around the shoulder H. H. Hay Co Selling Agts. embossed on bottom L. F. Atwood with L F in the middle. Has the full label.

h h hay 1...h h hay 6

h h hay 2.h h hay 3

h h hay 4..h h hay 5

l f atwood box. Wood create.

This bottle is an unlisted variant. This bottle has L. F. Atwood encircled L. F. on the base and the label should not have the word bilious on the label. This bottle does have the word Bilious. Also this bottle has a tooled top in the color clear. This bottle is a A 126-L which RingHam lists but has a A125-L Label and also has a tooled top and is not ABM. Also this bottle is clear and not aqua.


Portland, Maine History 1786 to Present.

Bitters Bottle by Caryln Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

h h hay 1a

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