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Francis Grasser was an immigrant from Germany. He would come to America in 1848 at the age of twenty years old. By 1850 he would be working as a brewer at the Kohler & York Brewery which became the Buckeye Brewery. It's thought that Francis Grasser started the Grasser Brewery in 1856. The Grasser Brewery was located at 715 Michigan Street Toledo, Ohio. Sometime in the 1860s he would relocate to 300 South St. Clair Street. He would partner with Henry Brand who also was a proprietor of a Brewery Company. The first listing of the Grasser & Brand Brewery is in the 1870 Toledo City Directory.

grasser brand photo 2
Photo of the brewery.

Photo of Francis Grasser.


Copy of a letterhead.

grasser brand label
Grasser Brand label.

By 1887 the brewery employed forty male workers. Also the same year they would enlarge their capacity.

Henry Brand would pass away in 1889. Also listed in 1889 Joseph Grasser son of Francis Grasser as the president of the brewery with Randolph Brand son of Henry Brand the treasure.

With Grasser retiring in 1905 his interest in the brewery along with the Brand's interest, would become part of the merger forming the Huebner Toledo Breweries Company. Grasser remained involved as a board member and with substantial interests. Grasser would pass away in 1910.

grasser & brand building
Photo of the abounded building.

Below are photos two of their bottles.

grasser brand 1.grasser brand 2

grasser brand 6.grasser brand 7


R. L. PolK & Co. Toledo City Directories.

Toledo Brewing History.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

grasser brand 1a..grasser brand 6a

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