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Konrad Koppitz was the head brewer for the Stroh's Brewing Company in Detroit, Michigan. In December of 1890 he would partner with Author Melcher who was a Stroh's cashier, along with Herman Sachse and Charles F. Zielke. These men would form the Koppitz - Melcher's Brewing Company. The brewery was located at 1125 Gratoit Street at Superior. This 60,000 barrel plant was ten blocks from the Stroh's plant.

Below is a picture of the brewery.

koppitz melcher brewery

Below is a wagon form the brewery.

koppitz wagon

A later photo of their trucks.

koppitz trucks

The Koppitz - Melcher's used medieval German folklore in their advertisements. It was dwares working in the brewery, boiling the brew of Pale Select in an open kettle outdoors.

Below is a ad and a tray.

koppitz select..koppitz tray

1890 to 1899 Arthur Melcher was the president of the brewery with Konrad Koppitz vice president.

1904 J. A Preston was president with Konrad Koppitz vice president.

1917 Arthur Melcher was the president with Konrad Koppitz still vice president.

Below are photos of two of their bottles.

koppitz 1.koppitz 2

The brewery would close in 1918 and the liquidation of the company took place in 1920. Konrad Koppitz would pass away in 1921 at the age of 64.

After the prohibition years Konrad's son Ben Koppitz would form the Koppitz Brewery in 1933 located on Atwater Street. He continued there until 1934. In 1835 Ben Koppitz and Fred Goettman who was also from the former Koppitz - Melcher's brewery would have a new brewery built on the Detroit River located on Dubois Street. This plant had a 200,000 barrel capability.

Below is a bottle label.

koppitz label

The Koppitz Brewery would incorporate in 1935 with Ben Koppitz president and Fred Goettman vice president. By 1942 Livingstone D. Hicks was the president of the brewery with Fred Goettman vice president.

The Geobel Brewing Company would purchase the plant in 1947 and continued there until 1958.


Brewed in Detroit by Peter H. Blum.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection

koppitz 1a

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