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Thaddeus David was born on November 16, 1810 in Bedford, New York. He along with his sons built one of the largest ink companies in the world at the time.

Below is a photo of Thaddeus David.

thaddeus david photo

Thaddeus started working at a young age for an ink manufacture named Raven. When Raven died he left the company to Thaddeus. Thaddeus still being a minor the business would be listed in his father's name William David. A bottle label lists 1825 as the establish date. But there is an ad from May 1824 as manufacturing set up.

In 1827 the David's introduced steel pen ink which they guaranteed to write black "record" quality. By 1833 he was producing an ink he called the Chemical Writing Fluid which had more Indigo for more color.

In 1856 he started to produce a least fading ink.

Sometime in the 1830s Thaddeus who was doing very well in business, went for a time looking to purchase some country property in New Rochelle, New York. While he was gone his business partner sold his company. Instead of being wealthy he now was in debt 700.00 dollars.

In 1840 Thaddeus would start an ink business again located at 112 John Street. He would partner with John Black to form the Davids & Black Ink Company.

Below is an ad from this time period.

thaddeus david ad 2

In 1852 John Black Jr. of David's & Black Ink Company would pass away. Shortly after John Blacks death Thaddeus was back in business for himself. His new address was 222 Williams Street & 8th Street with the office at 26 Cliff Street.

Below is ad from this time period.

thaddeus david ad 2

In 1856 Thaddeus son George W. David became a partner in the company. Now the company was known as the Thaddeus David's and Company. The company continued to grow and prosper under Thaddeus and his sons.

Thaddeus would move the company to New York City now located at 127 & 129 William Street. The plant was six stories tall. The company products included 33 different inks along with other related products. The company also still was making their steel pen ink from the original formula.

In 1883 senior partner George David who was also the financial manager incurred debts far more than the assets of the company. When the debts became due in April 1883 the company could not pay them. George David " as reported in the New York times Newspaper" committed an apparent suicide from an over dose of laudanum.

Thaddeus sold everything including his New Rochelle property to pay off his creditors. Shortly after Thaddeus would suffer from a stroke and never fully recover. For the next decade he suffered from Gout and effects from the stroke. He would pass away on July 22 1894.

Thaddeus other sons David F. and Edwin David and then president of the firm George Snyder took charge on the company. Again the company would prosper. After the deaths of David and Edwin other family members took over the business. The company continued until the 1930s.

Below is a trade card from the company.

thaddeus david trade card

Below is a advertising calender from this company.

thaddeus david calaender

Below are photos of just one of the many of their ink bottles. This one is a 1 quart in size amber in color with a complete label with cool graphics. This bottle with its label is concentered as being very rare.

thaddeus david ink .thaddeus david 2

thaddeus davis 3

Below is a copy from the July-August 2007 Bottles & Extras Magazine showing some of the company's bottles.

davids inks


Forty Centuries of Ink by David N Carvalho 1971 Reprint.

Bottles & Extras July- August Article The Thaddeus David Ink Company by Ed & Lucy Faulkner.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

thaddeus david 1a

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