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Michael Ward who was a former glass blower from the Plunkett & Co. started the Independent Glass Company in 1880/1881 in Pittsburg, Pa. He had a patent issued for a glass press in October 24, 1882. Henry F. Voigt was listed as a partner by 1884. Voigt was an employee of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Pittsburgh.

This company was producing the Crystal Fruit jars for the Crystal Glass Company from 1881 through 1882.

Some of the products this company manufactured were Engraved lamp chimneys, shade holders, bubble tumblers and the Independent fruit jar. These jars were made of flint glass.

The company failed along with the Crystal Glass Company when the Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Pittsburg failed.

independent jar ad

Below are photos of a midget pint fruit jar. These jars also come in the size of quarts and half gallons.

independent jar 1.independent jar 2

independent jar 3.Lid is marked Pat. Oct. 24 1882.


Glass and Glass Manufactures of the Pittsburg Region 1795-1910 by Jay W. Hawkins.

Crockery & Glass Journal Jan. 1884.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Fruit Jar Collection.

independent jar 1a

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