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You would think that the Franklin Fruit Jar and the Franklin Dexter Fruit Jar would have been made by the Franklin Flint glass Co. Especially since Gillinder & Bennett who were the owners of the Franklin Flint Glass Co. and also the ones that held the patents for the Franklin Fruit jar. Gillinder & Bennett patented the Franklin Fruit Jar in 1865.

Below is the patent.

a r samuel patent

They also held three patents for these fruit jar lids.

1. Gillinder & Bennett Pat. Aug 8, 1865 2.
2. Gillinder & Bennett June 2, 1857 Oct. 27 1857 Pat'd Aug. 8, 1865 3.
3. Gillinder & Bennett Pat'd Aug. 8, 65 / Dec. 3, 67

The Gillinder & Bennett were manufactures of table wear.

In an ad from 1867 shows A. R. Samuel Glass Manufacturer was the proprietors of five different fruit jars. They were Willoughby, Haller, Kline, Mason and Franklin.

Below is an ad from 1867.

a r samuel ad

Below is a letterhead.

a r samuel letterhead

A. R. Samuel of the Keystone Glass Works was located at Howard & Oxford Streets in Philadelphia. The company started producing the Franklin Fruit Jar in 1865 and continued until 1868. Sometime in 1869 the Franklin Fruit Jar was replaced with the Franklin Dexter Fruit Jar. Most likely for better sealing purposes.

The Franklin Jars had an unlined metal screw cap with two wrench lugs on the top. These lids would seal at the top of the ground top. Some lids were embossed and some were not. The Franklin Dexter Fruit Jars used a metal band with a glass insert. These glass inserts were embossed Pat'd Aug 8th 1865 (in a circle). Both Jars come in the colors of shades of aqua.

Below are photos of two 1 quarts jars embossed The Franklin fruit Jar.

franklin jar 1.franklin jar 2

Below are photos of a half gallon jar embossed Franklin Dexter Fruit Jar.

franklin dexter 1.franklin dexter 2

franklin dexter 4.Incorrect band.

Here's a little about A. R. Samuel. Adam R. Samuel started out as a glass blower for the Dyottville Glass Works in Philadelphia. Then he started working for the Kensington glass Works also from Philadelphia. He would partner for a short time with William Haller to form Samuel & Haller "Dealers in Fruit Jars".

In 1862 Samuel began construction of the Keystone Glass Works which was located at the corner of Howard and Oxford Streets. By February 22, 1863 production began. By 1865 and 1867 building were add to the glass works.

The glass works was one of the earliest to specialize in fruit jars. The firm was producing five of the most popular patented fruit jars at the time.

By 1870 Samuel had incorporated the business. Also the same year the company employed 60 men and 60 children with an annual pay roll of $50,000.

Samuel would pass away on February 24, 1873. His two sons William and John B. Samuel continued to run the business until at least 1875. By 1883 the Grange & Co. operated the Keystone Glass Works. The company continued in business at least until 1901.


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franklin jar 1a

franklin dexter 1a

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