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Abraham Sand opens his first retail drug store which was listed as chemists and Apothecaries sometime around 1840. Two years later he would expand and open a second location located at No. 141 Williams Street and corner of Fulton Street. This is where the wholesale store was located. He would put his brother David in charge of the original store while he ran the wholesale location.

Below is a photo of the Abraham B. Sands & Co.

sands granitinge building

Like many other companies Sand would publish an advertising pamphlet explaining the curative properties of their Sarsaparilla products. Below is the Sand's Sarsaparilla ad.

sands ad 1

Below is an ad from the Oneida Morning Herald 1850.

sands ad 3

David would retire in 1851 and was replaced by Brother William. Now the company was listed as A. B. Sands & Co. and was primarily a wholesale drug operation. At some point the name of the company would become the A. B. & D. Sands & Co. The company continued until 1875 when the company was sold to the Schieffelin & Co.

Below is an ad from the B. A. Fahnestock & Co. ad from 1857.

sands 4

Below are photos of their most popular product. This small size 5 1/2 inch tall open pontil bottle is embossed Sands,s / Sarsaparilla / New York.

sands 1.sands 3

sands 2

Other embossed bottles.
Genuine Sand's Sarsaparilla New York.
Sand's Sarsaparilla New York. A. B. & D.
Sand's Iodine of Sarsaparilla New York. B. A. B. & D.
Sand's New York (2 variants).

Other products the firm carried.
Sands Remedy of Salt Rheum.
Dr. McMunw's Elixir of Opium.
Roman Eye Balsam.
Clove Anodyne Toothache Drops.
Horehound Cough Syrup.
Liquid Opeldoc.

This company was listed as Chemists and Apothecaries and in time became one of New York's largest drug wholesalers. Besides medicines and related items they also sold imported leeches, syrups for sodas, perfumes, brushes, fancy article and Saratoga Waters form Congress, Union, Iodine and Pavilion Springs

sands 4a


Antique American Medicine Bottles by M. Knapp.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

sands 1a

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