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William Worcester Lyman was born on March 29. 1821 in Middlefield, Ct. He would marry Roxanne Griswold Frary on September 5, 1841.

Lyman spent his younger years as an apprentice as a pewter smith. By 1842 he became a craftsman in the pewter smith occupation working in Meriden, Ct. Between 1844 to 1880 he partnered with several people in business. He was involved with the Meriden Britannia Company manufacturing spoons.

ww_lyman_meridenbritannia_tradecard Meriden Britannia Co.Tradecard.

He was also an inventor holding several patents here are just a few of his patents. On June 8 1858 he was issued a patent for a refrigerating pitcher. On June 10, 1862 he was issued a patent for an Improved Fruit-Can. A patent was issued August 5, 1862 and February 9 1864 for a fruit jar. Another patent was issued in December 28, 1858 and January 2, 1866 for an Air Tight Fruit Jar with spring fastener glass lid.

The 1870 Census for Meriden Ct. lists him as a fruit jar manufacturer.

The 1880 Census is listing him as a metal manufacturer.

Below is just one of their jars.



The Salem Glass Works was started in 1862 by Joseph Pancoast, Henry Hall and John V. Craven. They built a single furnace located at 3RD Street Salem, Mass. This company produced fruit jars such as W. W. Lyman, Willoughby, Banner, Worcester and WM. Pogue. The glass works also made squat mineral & porter bottles. The Attwood Bitters, Sachem Bitters Barrels, and Drakes Plantation Bitters bottles were also made. Medicine bottles such as Paine's celery Compound, Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Turlington Balsam. The Carter Ink Bottles along with cone inks, Jenny Lind flasks and "Moses" Poland Spring bottles.

The WM. McCully & Co. also made jars for W. W. Lyman. Some jars are embossed on the base with WM. McCully & Co.


Fruit Jar Red Book by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr.

Glass Houses and Glass 1795 - 1910 Manufactures of the Pittsburgh Region.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Fruit Jar Collection.


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