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Above is a advertisement for Johann Hofmeister from 1910. His company was located at 1750 Belmont Ave. Chicago, Ill. The product he was selling was beer extract in a can for the small time home brewers. The add says that you could spent .50 cent and make six gallons of beer or go bigger and spent 5.00 dollars and make seventy eight gallons of beer. The mixing instructions state. "Directions for one can. Mix contents of one can of Hofmeister Beer Extract in a crock with four quarts of boiling water and one pound of granulated sugar. Stir for five minutes. Then add six quarts of cold water." "Compressed yeast or yeast foam can be used. If compressed yeast is used half of a penny cake will do. If yeast foam is used take one small cake. The yeast is placed in a cup of lukewarm water with one teaspoonful of granulated sugar. In a few minutes the yeast should rise in the cup, then strain through a cheese cloth, add it into the brew and stir well. Let the brew stand covered in a warm place for thirty-six hours. Then skim off all the foam that has come to the top of brew. Strain the beer through cheese cloth into bottles and cork tightly and set bottles in a cool place. In one week the delicious beer is ready to serve."

Patent bottle stoppers for sale. Buy by the gross for $ 1.45. By the half gross $ .75. We only supply bottle stoppers to accommodate our customers. Bottle stoppers are always sent by express, charges collect." Below is a 1910 order form.


Many small time home brewers would purchase beers bottle and have they name put on a slug plate and peddle their brew.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Vintage Paper Collection.

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