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The Carlsbadger Bitters is an Austria-Czech formula with an American connection. Fishel & Levy was the sole agents for Carlsbadger Bitters. There firm was located at 503 West Broadway Street New York City. It appears that Fishel & Levy had their own bottles produce with their logo monogram embossed on the bottles.

Below are photos of this bottle. It is listed as extremely rare in the Ringham book. The bottle is embossed CARLSBADGER (CROWN) BITTERS // F (ANCHOR motif) L. The bottle is 10 1/8 inch tall and is clear turning SCA. The upper labeled would have said Carlsbadger Bitters Eagle 55 (inside a circle) the lower label would have said Fishel & Levy sole Agent United States and Canada.

carlsbadger bitters 1

carlsbadger bitters 2.carlsbadger bitters 3

The company of Fishel & Levy went out of business in 1919 like many other alcohol business do to prohibition. The firm was still listed in the 1918 White & Orr's Register listed under Wine.

Listed in the 1896 Fritzsche's Manual Containing Practical Formulas and Suggestions is a formula on how to make forty gallons of Carlsbadger Bitters.

6 ¾ pts. Ess. Carlsbadger
2 ¼ ozs. Ess Violet Flowers
¾ ozs. Ess Wine Spirts
6 Gallons Sugar Syrup
31 Gallons Proof Spirits
3 Gallons Rain or Distilled Water

Carlsbadger Bitters was known as a cure all for constipation and urinary infections.

This product is still being produced today and is known as "Becherovka".
Below is a photo of the newer screw cap bottle which resembles the Fishel & levy Bottle.

carlsbadger newer bottle


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1896 Frizsche's Manual.

Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

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carlsbadger bitters 1a

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