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Here are photos of an early DR. HARTER'S // FEVER / AND / AGUE // SPECIFIC. The color is aqua with amber streaks running though the neck. The height is 5 3/4 inch.

dr harters fever and ague 1..dr harters fever and ague 5

dr harters fever and ague 2

dr harters fever and ague 3

dr harters fever and ague 4

Other medicines that were from the Dr. Harter's Medicine Company were.

Dr. Harter's Fever and Aque Pills
Dr. Harter's Pile Ointment
Dr. Harter's Little Liver Pills
Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic
Dr. Harter's Lung Balm
Dr. Harter's Smoothing Drops, Dr. Harter's Liniment, Dr. Harter's German Vermifge Candy, Dr. Harter's Wild Cherry Bitters

They were also the proprietor of Dr. DuChoine's Nerve Pills and DR DuChoine's Femal Regulating Pills.

His Wild Cherry Bitters and his Iron Tonic were his best sellers.

For more about Dr. Harter and his Medicine Company refer to Article 64: Milton George Harter: Wild Cherry Bitters.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

dr harters fever and ague 1a

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