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Have you ever seen a Burnett Apothecary 33 Tremont Row Boston medicine bottle, in the color of rich purple. I purchased this bottle back in 1998. I thought that it might have been nuclear ray bombardment to artificially change the color to purple. Through the years I have had other radiated bottles before. When they were exposed to sunlight for a period of time, several years while setting on the window seal. They would loose some of there intense color of purple and lighten up. This Burnett bottle has been exposed to sunlight since 1998 and still has a intense purple color. I was told by a well known bottle collector to place the bottle in the oven at 450 degrees for two hours. While hoping at the same time that the bottle does not break. This may make the bottle loose some of the intense color. Recently I did this to the Burnett bottle. After letting the bottle cool down I pulled it out of the oven and had no color change. The Burnett still looked like the day I purchased it. I also have ruled out that it was resurfaced with a glass paint. I have seen examples of this bottle in aqua and clear smooth texture glass. The Burnett that I have has a nice whittle to the glass. I just don’t know if it is just a well done radiated job or maybe a very well done reproduction or a one of a kind. Any thoughts please email:

This question has been answered. This bottle has been nuclear ray bombardment. To make the color return back to its orginal clear glass. Note very risky, 800 to 1200 degrees in a kilm.

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