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There is very little that I can find about the Carmeliter Bitters Company. One of the seven variants is embossed with Burhenne & Dorn. Another variant is embossed with the name Frank R. Leonori & Co. There is an example of a label found on one of these bottle saying Burhenne & Dorn, Proprietors Brooklyn, N. Y.

Below is a photo of the CARMELITER BITTERS / FOR ALL KIDNEY & LIVER / COMPLAINTS // f // CARMELITER / FRANK R. LEONORI & CO. PROPIETORS / NEW YORK. Color is amber and is 10 1/2inch tall.

carmelite 4

There are three variants of a bottle with the S.J. monogram. Below is one of the variants. Its embossed CARMELITER / STOMACH BITTERS CO. / NEW YORK // F // (motif S J monogram). These come in the colors of shades of amber, yellow green and olive green and is 9 1/8 inch tall. It's believed that this variant is from 1885 to 1995.

carmeliter 1.carmeliter 2

Below is a photo of another variant embossed CARMELITER BITTERS / FOR ALL KIDNEY & LIVER COMPLAINT // CARMELITER STOMACH BITTERS CO. / NEW YORK. 10 ¼ inches tall and in a shade of amber.

carmeliter 5.carmeliter 6

carmeliter add

Above is an advertisement sign from the Carmeliter Bitters Company. Courtesy from www.photoprint.com


Bitters Bottles by Caryln ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

carmeliter b..carmeliter d

carmeliter b.

carmeliter c

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