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Bottle Dating Guide

There are three kinds of bottle bases. Open pontil which is most likely to date from 1860 or earlier. Iron pontil which usually dates around 1840s to 1870. Smooth base from 1870 to current.

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Before 1860  Dating Guide
1860 - 1880  Dating Guide
1880 - 1900  Dating Guide
After - 1900  Dating Guide
Note: This is just for a reference guide. The mold seam may not be able to provide a 100% accurate dating. Some glass companies may have been behind on the technology at that time.

Below are some other bottle general dating references.

Applied Top- 1840-1880

Crown Cap- 1900-up

Free Blown- pre 1840

Fruit Jar- ground lips 1860-1900

Fruit Jar- smooth lips 1900- up

Hinge Mold-1860-1880s

Imperfections- before 1890

Iron Pontil- 1840-1870

Pontil- pre 1840-1860s (excluding barber bottles and specialty glass)

Screw Cap-1900-up (excluding fruit jars and specialty bottles) common standard practice after 1925

Stoneware- before 1910

Tooled Top- 1880-1910

Whittle Marks- before 1870

There are always exceptions.